Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Third jQuery Expandable Post Summary Test

I have previously tested jQuery Expandable Post Summary at Testing jQuery expandable post summary and Testing jQuery expandable post summary. However, the test was not too satisfactory as I had added too many Gadgets (Page Elements) and the whole posts was initially displayed and only after all the Gadgets have finished downloading was the posts truncated to a short summary ending in a [Read More....] link to display the complete post.

This third test was done on Holidays and Festivals and this time, the test was initially conducted with the blog without any Gadgets. This time the moment the blog was displayed, the jQuery expandable post summary was executed, that is, what was displayed was a short summary of the posts terminated by a [Read More...] link. The Gadgets was added one by one, and each time a Gadget was added, the blog was viewed again. If the posts were truncated to a short summaries, another Gadget was added. This was continued until it was observed that instead of truncated short summaries, the whole post was displayed and jQuery expandable post summary was only executed when all the Gadgets were completely downloaded. When the happened, the last Gadget was deleted. You can check for yourself Holidays and Festivals. You should see short post summaries immediately. If not, please leave a comment and I will look into it.

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