Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Testing jQuery expandable post summary again

I have tested jQuery expandable post summary on a blog which was used as a test blog as well as a demonstration for Gadgets (Page Elements) and thus have many Gadgets in the second right sidebar - Career and you. Now it looks like the posts will initially display in full and only after all the Gadgets are fully downloaded (displayed) will the posts be truncated to a short summary ending with a link [Read More....] for you to click to see the full post.

Because of this, I tested jQuery expandable post summary on another blog Home Improvements which only have the Archives and Labels Gadgets in the second right sidebar. However, Home Improvements has Google AdSense ads and Amazon Gadgets in the left sidebar and the first right sidebar. It appear that the same deficiency, that is, the posts displayed in full and only gets truncated to a post summary when the blog gets fully downloaded. I will test jQuery expandable post summary with another blog later and see if I can get the post summary to work quicker.

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