Monday, October 27, 2008

Testing 4 column Minima Dark template

There are some bloggers who are of the opinion that photos looks better if posted in a blog with a dark background. So I am testing this 4 column template. I have posted the image of a book Why French Women don't get fat which is at the same time a hyperlink to's search page for "Why French women don't get fat". I hope you will have a look and give me feedback as to whether images really look better with a dark background by leaving a comment


chippwalters said...

I've been using your Minima 4 column template and converted it to a darkened version and it works quite well. I suppose some of the icons could use updating, but for the most part, I'm *very* happy!

A.B. said...

I would like to use the Minima 4 column template (Dark version), could you help me?


Peter said...

Like this one - Wealth Health Happiness?