Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Test jQuery expandable post summary

What is jQuery?

jQuery is a lightweight JavaScript library that emphasizes interaction between JavaScript and HTML.

Why am I testing jQuery?

The previous post on expandable post summary was based on Hackoshpere's hack and require you to do some editing in the post editor to make the expandable post summary works. This hack based on jQuery Expander plugin and Blogger Buster's version only require you to edit the template in 2 steps and do not need you to do anything in the post itself.

I tested it on Investment, money and finance but met with the error code "bX-al2pcp". This demonstration blog was created to demonstrate all the various Blogger Gadgets (previously referred to as Page Element) and this may be causing the problem. I then tested it on Career and you while it was still using the 3 column Minima template with very few Gadgets and was successful.

I want to do some troubleshooting and try to trace what may be the problem with implementing it on Investment, money and finance and installed the same 4 column Minima template (this will remove the jQuery expander plugin) and installed the same gadgets. I further voted on the poll plus followed the blog just like in Investment, money and finance. I then proceeded to reimplement the jQuery expandable post summary. To my surprise, there were no error code and the jQuery expandable post summary was implemented without problem. So I was unable to troubleshoot why I was unable to implement jQuery expandable post summary for Investment, money and finance.

There was one thing I could try, that is, delete all the Gadgets from the blog like the way I solve the Error code bX-jdokxi, but since it was a demonstration blog, I decided to leave it alone. However, if you face a similar problem, perhaps you can follow the methods as in solve the Error code bX-jdokxi. If you do, I hope you will give us feedback on your progress.

In the meantime, I will later write a post on some slight variation on Blogger Buster's jQuery expandable post summary

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SBA said...

You may not realize it but the expandable summary does not work on the IE browser! So even the the Career blog, the full post show on IE--- I'm having the same problem...