Monday, October 06, 2008

Blogger window shopping for shoes

This blog was set up when Blogger released Blogger Beta and announced there will be a forced migration from Blogger classic (called such because of lack of name) to Blogger Beta (now called New Blogger, again for lack of name). Around that time, many who opted to migrate their blogs from Blogger classic to Blogger beta raised a huge hue and cry because of numerous problems that caused this blogger much consternation. So this blog was started just to test out Blogger beta so I would know what in install for me when the forced migration comes. That is why this blog is named Testing Blogger Beta. Now I hate to delete blogs, but there has not been much testing or updating of this blog lately, so this blogger is going to do a different kind of testing. This blogger is going to test online window shopping, more specifically online shopping for men's shoes.

Now why on earth is this blogger suddenly interested in men's shoes? Well, for one, this blogger is a man. However, a more important reason is this blogger has end up with a pair of leather shoes which he no longer wants to wear. Now again, why on earth this definitely sane blogger would no lonager want to wear a perfectly good pair of relatively new leather shoes? The sad fact is, this blogger has slipped a few times while walking on tiled surfaces (yes, even perfectly level surface). A week plus ago, this blogger not only slipped, but fell while walking down a slope driveway and got a bruised knee. That was the last straw.

Jukebox leader shoe that gave me a bruised knee

So I am now going to go online window shopping for leather shoes. What have I got to show for this online window shopping? How about this - Standard Fit Basic Leather Loafers. Why did I zero in onto something so basic? I am a believer of "no frills" products and it would take a lot to attract me to expensive branded stuff like Clarks or Anatomic or even that shoemaker for the late Pricess Diana, Jimmy Choo.

Now I am not the only one who ended up with a pair of Jukebox leather shoes (which I no longer wanted to wear. My son (like father like son) too ended up with a pair of Jukebox leather shoes. I have already related my bad experience with my pair of Jukebox leather shoes and I have already told my son if he found his pair of Jukebox leather shoes slippery, do get another pair rather than risking a fall and injuries which may require medical treatment that would cost more than a pair of leather shoe. So it is natural my online window shopping next ended up boys shoes.

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