Saturday, March 29, 2008

Testing blockquote for blogger

Not sure what is wanted. Going to make a test post and see if the is what he wants:

This paragraph uses blockquote to indent it. Is this what you want? If so, leave a comment. Whatever, feedback highly welcomed

This is a normal paragraph.


Jeff said...

When I use blockquote in my blog (or an image for that matter) line spacing is lost for all regular paragraphs which follow. Any suggestions?

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Dratski! said...

I have a question regarding expandable summaries on posts. I managed to create summaries using Hackosphere's code, but when I added the suggested cocde it automatically changed the spacing between my text, which gave me an idea: I would like no (or minimal) spacing between the text on the summary part (to keep it taking up less space on the main page which was the idea in the first place) and then one line spacing between the text on the individual post once it's linked to.
Do you know how I could go about this?
If so, thanks in advance !