Friday, April 04, 2008

Testing lighting fixtures and response time

The title of this blog is "Testing Blogger Beta", but now Blogger Beta is no longer beta and at the moment there is nothing related to Blogger I would like to test. However, stuff site like search boxes which only searches a website and not the whole web, energy efficiency and stuff related to the environment is alway at the back of my mind as I have an Environmental blog: Enviroman Says and of course also online merchants also interests as shopping online means not having to burn up fossil fuel and generating green house gases which is a major contributor of our environmental problem of the century - global warming.

The online merchant for lighting fixtures I am currently looking at seem to have a wide range of brands, but before I even look into the brands, let me test the search box provided on their website. I just search for "energy saving" and I saw 2,225 results there. Wow! 2225 results for a simple test, and that for something which probably is not the most popular search term!!!

At search result number 53 was some enery saving kichler lighting while at search result number 54 were more energy saving maxim lighting. There was one sea gull lighting at search result number 66.

Note that clicking on a link in the search results that may mention one of the brand names can result in lighting fixtures not only of that brand, but also of other brands. Whatever it is, this test showed that Farrey online lighting fixtures do have a wide range plus a well functing search box to find exactly the kind of lighting fixture you are seeking.

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