Saturday, March 29, 2008

Test float photo caption to the left

Papaya fruit
I did some posts on caption for photo at How to add a caption to an image uploaded via the Blogger upload icon and Captions and titles for images in blog posts. Now a blogger wants to know how to do it with the photo to the left. As I have never done it before, I am going to test it first before I publish the instructions.

Papaya Fruit
This is a photo of a payaya fruit sliced into half. It is very healthy to eat lots of fruits plus I think payaya fruit may have carotene, something that can help prevent various kinds of cancer.

Let us see if this paragraph of text will wrap around the photo. I doubt it, but just had to try.

RESULT OF TEST: The first one seem OK. As you can see, the paragraphs of text wrap around the photo in that case, but result a bit confusing in the second and third.

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Manimala said...

how did you do the first one??