Monday, September 10, 2007

Testing uploading animated gif image

This is an animated gif image uploaded direct via Blogger:

gif image uploaded direct from Blogger post editor

13 July 2008: looks like something has changed. The above image uploaded direct from Blogger photo upload icon wasn't animated before. It is now. Looks like Blogger has upgraded.

This is an image uploaded via Photobucket:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This is an image uploaded via Photobucket and centered:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Conclusion: To upload an animated .gif image and for it to remain animated, you must host it with Photobucket. Instruction on how to do it (writing the HTML, getting it centered, etc. will be published later and a link to the post put here.

UPDATE: The instructions for making the above thumbnails are at Make thumbnail with Irfanview. There are other methods. When I have the time, I will test them and make a post giving instructions.

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ONLY RAHUL said...

thanks, iam searching for the answer to upload gif files, igot that.nice post

Peter said...


Thanks for leaving a comment in my post Animated .gif images for your blog and for your kind words. Glad the post helped you.

Peter Blog*Star
Blogger for Dummies

Jessica said...

Thank you so much! Blogger let me down and so I found your helpful hint via Google. You helped me to upload an animated file from an advertiser and stop yelling at my husband to fix it! So three people are now happy, thanks to you.

Samsoor Rahat said...

I really like your web i also have one blog
one problem that i have is that i cant upload/add animated photo could you plz tell me how to do that thanks
i will be gratefull?


Peter said...

Hi Samsoor,

If you read this post carefully, it tells how I uploaded an animated gif image and there is a link to another post where I gave more detailed instructions. However, things are not static, and if I am not wrong, it is now possible to upload animated gif images direct via the Blogger post editor. However, I am not sure. If you are still puzzled, comment again and I will probably test it out and give updated instructions.

kenken said...

thanks. that would really help me a lot. but, alas, the japanese version of Blogger doesn't seem quite the same in function. which means animated .gif pics weren't animated if you post via Blogger. so

ingz said...

thanks for your helpful posts.
if only google blogger were more
about the gif files, i have
followed your post before blogger
updated its capability in handling
animated gifs but still i get the
same result. whenever i post a
gif file it becomes posted not
once but many times. so instead
of a single image - animated image
i get about fifteen or so images.
seven were arranged diagonally
across the page and another 8 or
so were arranged in column at the
right hand side. just one and the
same animated image displayed repeatedly across the page . . . i don't know what's happening here.
but when i tried uploading another
giff image i got about 50 of the
same image again repeatedly displayed across the page . . . the
problem seems dependent on the gif
image itself as i get different results with different gif images.

ingz said...

thanks for your posts on gif images. but i still have a problem in posting them. once i uploaded a gif file, and although it was animated on the page. the problem was that i did not get only one image but more than a dozen of the same image curiously arranged across the page. the problem seems to be related to the image itself because when i uploaded another gif image i did not only get a dozen but more than 50 of the same image on the upper part of the body of the blogpage. can you help ... have you encountered the same problem?

Peter said...

Hi ingz,

Suggest you ask the question at Blogger Help group. Say Peter @ Enviroman sent you.

dol_campers said...

Thanks for the tips.

Eduarda Geraldes said...

Many thanks. This is really nice. Thank you for to put all instructions here. Was relly good.

LawrencE said...

thanks for the solution! ;)

Anonymous said...

hey animated avie lovers! I've taken the animated avatar to a new level! You can see my daily additions at:

see ya there!!!!

harish said...

thank u for the solution

Muerte said...



I am using imagerady to create .gif files to upload to postings on my blog. They preview fine in Explorer. When I insert them into a new blog post: 1. They do not move unless you click on them. On clicking, get full window with gif playing. 2. Background is white, not transparent. I copied your bird-in-star and inserted it into a new post, and it works fine. I am a html novice. Thanks for your help.


I solved by problems posting gif.s at blogger(comment from this morning 3-7-2010). Started .gif with transparent background. Was careful to rename file every time I saved a change. Works great!!!


Peter @ Enviroman said...

You mean Adobe Imageready?


yes, I am using Abode Imageready.

I find that .gif files must be very small(200x200 pxels with a minimum of paint bucketed areas), with only a few frames (5 to 12), to work on blogspot.

You can see my rough attempts at: March 29, 2010 posting.

Peter @ Enviroman said...

"I solved by problems posting gif.s at blogger"

Are you saying gif images uploaded to Blogger is animated? I believe I did write an update saying the same thing, I think at... OK in this same post. But will like confirmation as I don't usually use animated images.

BTW would you like to be my guest blogger for my main blog Blogger Tips and Tricks about your experience with animated gif images and Adobe ImageReady?


Yes, I am able to create animated .gif's in Adobe ImageReady and post to my blogger blog using the updated editor. They appear in my blog as animated, when they are kept very small.

I would be happy to describe my experience with .gif's, ImageReady and my blog-if you think it would be helpful.

Peter @ Enviroman said...

Please do. You can email it to bloggerfordummies[at}gmail(dot]com and you can put a signature line with active link to your blog as credit or something similar.

shivang koshti said...


shivang koshti said...

nice work

EightyBerry said...

i dont understand wats the issue... some images animate and some not if hosting on blogger... dont understand wat the hell is the issue... the main prob with me is when hosting .gif image with other site the thumbnail dont appear on main page... i tried lot ways but in vain... u can check it here .. the 1 image in thumbnail working is hosted on blogger.. the other thumbnail r not showing bcoz they r hosted on other server.. in real i hosted that animated image on blogger by mistake but after that itz not working... hope they fix the issue soon