Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Testing LaTex document

LaTex is, from the very short time I got to know about it, a program most suitable for producing academic papers, especially those with scientific and mathematical equations, symbols and notations. It is not a word processing program and the authors just concentrate on the content while the formatting is left to the program creaters. Testing to see if documents produced by LaTex as a PDF file can be embedded in a blog post:

You can find the instruction at Embed PDF file into blog post or website. It was written for embedding PDF file in general, but the same would be applicable for a LaTex document in PDF format.

Note: I have not the time to learn how to use LaTex yet. Will like to do so, especially play around with authoring documents with scientific notations. The above is a one-page high-level overview of LaTeX by Mike Unwalla of TechScribe Software Documentation who has given permission to use the document.

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