Friday, September 14, 2007

Read private blog with Google Reader: Test

Update: Blogger changed something and the work around I gave in this post no longer work.

I have a test (and demonstation) Blogger private blog Peter's Private Blog which is also used to demonstrate how one can make provision for visitors to request for an invitation to the private blog.

Now I want to test if it is possible to read the content of that Blogger private blog using feed and Google Reader. I signed into Google Reader, click "Add subscription", then typed "" into the "Add subscription" box. When I click "Add", I got the error message:

[No feed available for ""]

This is despite the fact the the feed option had been set to "Full". This test shows that it is not possible to read the content of a Blogger private blog using Google Reader.


Mkt swimmer said...


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Kris said...

I have been looking at the possibility to make a private blog available to Atom/RSS readers (e.g. in case supports a form of authentication for those feed URLs) but it simply seems to be impossible.

This has been a bit of a pain for me because while I maintain a private blog (specific reader list), some of the readers would prefer to keep up with postings through aggregation readers.

Oh well... Thanks for your posting about the subject because it confirms my own testing. I also tried sites like bloglines, etc... All fails the same way.

Admin said...

Hello admin,

I've been using the blogger service since a couple of months and I do
have a couple of good blogs about skincare and placement papers

The URLS are

All these blogs have unique content which i worked hard to get on with
and With a good traffic..

But right now ,Today I find my blogs missing from my dash board and I
do not even find them on web..I cant even register the same domain

Can u plz lemme know what would be the problem???

I never violated any TOS of blogger....DO that mean my blogs deleted
permenantly ???

Please reply soon..I will be waiitng for the reply...Thanks and

my email id is

Thanks and regards..please reply to my mail id

Peter Chen said...

Hi Admin,

Is it possible that someone got your username and password, perhaps you log into your Blogger account in a public area, and that someone deleted your blog? However, if that happened, by right you should be able to re-register the URL again which you are not.

I am puzzled and cannot help. I have passed your questions to others and waiting to see if I get a response. In the meantime, I would suggest you post your problem to the Google Blogger Help group.

BTW by leaving your email address in comments, you are allowing email harvester to harvest your email address for spam. Further, I would much prefer to answer in the comment rather than in a private mail so others can read the response.

Peter (Blog*Star)
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Peter Chen said...

Hi Admin,

Forgot to mention. Next time, copy-paste the URL of the post into a Notepad file and save it into a "to do" folder so you can come back and check for any response.

Peter (Blog*Star)
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spentrails said...

Hi, thanks for this useful advice. Private blogs and RSS feeds just don't seem to be compatible. Will try your suggestion of email alerts when I post on the blog.

Karlin Reunionizer said...

About your private/demonstration blog... must someone already know your email address in order to request an invitation to read the blog? I'm curious how you "demonstrate how one can make provision for visitors to request for an invitation to the private blog". I entered your private blog URL and got the usual sign in page; no apparent mechanism to request an invitation? Thanks for what explanation/description you can give here for an invitation request tool.

Peter said...

Hi Karlin,

Things are not static, the only thing that is constant in this world is change. Blogger has changed how the private blog page for non-members is displayed and the method I used does not work anymore. Anyway, thanks for leaving a comment as I now knows I need to update this post.

Dave Johansen said...

Google could (and should) add a public feed that simply indicated that a new post/comment was available without revealing any content. It could also contain a link to the new content for ease of use.

This is a simple solution that allows for the use of RSS feeds without violating the privacy of the blog.

Peter said...

I set my feed to short and the feed then shows only the post title of new post

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Konrad said...

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