Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Testing Paypal online purchase again

I am sore at Paypal. I am a non-US resident and reside in a country where I can't withdraw funds from Paypal to a local bank, only to US bank. As a non-US resident with no social security number, there is no chance for me to open a US bank account. I don't understand because eBay. Paypal parent company, started operation here, though I think they are still a loss making operation because there is already an established local online auction site. They are finding it difficult to get people to switch from that local online auction site to theirs. I complained to eBay, but their support staff couldn't help. One said as local eBay user themself, they too would like to see Paypal allow withdrawal to local bank. But it looks like Paypal is not going to help their parent company's foreign operation get our of a loss making venture by making it easier for their sellers to use payments Paypal for their auctions, as proceed will be difficult to withdraw.

I discovered later that residents in China can withdraw by check, and I have written numerous times to Paypal about withdrawing by check. Invariably, the reply is the complexities of international banking poses a problem. I have asked what is so complex about sending a check. Invariably there is no answer, except one occasion. The Paypal staff suggested using the fund to make online purchases. So I am going around looking for online merchants that accept payments via Paypal.

My daughter and son-in-law had their honeymoon in Greece paid of Digi, the mobile phone operator. They held a contest asking suggestions on how to improve the company. My son-in-law (then future son-in-law) won the contest, and for that he got to go to Stockholm, Sweden for a conference plus a vacation to anywhere in the world for two. He reserved the second for the honeymoon. My daughter chose Greece for their honeymoon. When the time came for them to go, I specifically told them not to buy anything for me. But they still went ahead anyway and bought a picture frame for me. It was in the form of an ancient Greek building, just perfect for framing my family photo. That whetted my appetite for stuff Greek.

There is this site Greek Merchandise that sells Greek related stuff. Stuff they sell include Greek Wear. They sells custom made T-shirts. I am a retired scientist, and we use Greek alpahbets like alpha, beta, gamma, etc., very often. They can put Greek alphabets on my custom made T-shirt. I can wear that to gatherings with former colleagues. I think perhaps I can make them green with envy.

They also sells Greek Gear. These version of Greek stuff don't interest ms as much. They will lead to further clutter in my already cluttered house.

Finding the custom T-shirt with Greek alphabets appealing, I starting look for ways to pay for them on line. I found they accept payments via Paypal in addition to credit cards. So test number one passed.

Unfortunately, when I tried to calculate shipping charges, I found that they only ship to US and Canada. So test number two failed.

Looks like my choices are pretty limited. I will have to continue to pester their support staff with enquiries for payment by check. Let's hope they are responsive to customers requests, especially to persistent pesterer.

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