Sunday, February 04, 2007

Testing uploading of a tall picture.

Petronas Twin Tower, Kualal Lumpur, MalaysiaPetronas Twin Tower
There have been complaints of Blogger orientating a tall picture horizontally. I also received a comment in my post Uploading and manipulating photos in Blogger which seem to me to be the same complaint (confirmed in his second comment). So I am now uploading a tall vertical picture to see how it appears. The photo is that of the Petronas Twin Tower, which used to be the tallest building in the world, but now I suppose can only claim to the the tallest twin tower in the world. BTW 2007 is Visit Malaysia Year with lots of things going on. 2007 will be a good year to visit Malaysai.

Now I am going to do a further test. I am going to use Irfanview to orientate the picture horizontally and upload it and see how it turns out. Here goes:

Petronas Twin Tower orientated horizontally

Update: Well, the image is published as it is orientated, so in conlusion, Blogger does not tamper with the orientation of your picture. His second comment said he didn't understand why it was different for me and for him. I am also wondering why, because I don't face the same problems that are often reported in the Google Blogger Help group. I wonder if having one's blog in a different server makes any difference.

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Jordan said...

Mine absolutely reorients vertical photos to a horizontal layout. The only way I am able to post it vertically is for some strange reason to edit the photo in photoshop then re-upload. Even editing in Picnik doesn't change it.