Saturday, February 03, 2007

Testing embeding table via Google spreadsheet again

A reader commented in this post:
"Hi, how did you remove the published via Google Docs & Spreadsheets - updated automatically every 5 minutes
title. Can't seem to fgure that out."

So testing embeding Google spreadsheet again due to reader's comment to see if anything has changed. Sample spreadsheet Blog*Star 2006 (alphbatical order) embedded below:

The method used was exactly as described in the post Testing embeding Gooogle spreadsheet in New Blogger (formerly beta) post.There is no "Published via Google Docs... or anything of that sort.


Remco Reiding said...

This trick doesn't seem to work anymore... I don't see this other address (anymore) while checking view and source... Any ideas?

Peter Chen said...

Hi Remco Reiding,

I am afraid I cannot understand what is your problem. Is it regarding embeding of table via the Google spreadsheet, or is it regarding hosting of pictures using Blogger (where now you have to use view source).

Peter a.k.a. enviroman
Enviroman Says

Remco said...

It was hosting of pictures using Blogger, but photos in sidebar.

Peter Chen said...

As mentioned in the post Getting New Blogger (formerly Blogger Beta) to host your pictures for the profile, sidebar, etc., the old method of clicking on the picture and getting the URL from the resulting page, or getting the URL direct from the HTML code for the picture, does not work for the New Blogger anymore. You have to click on the picture to be taken to a page with only the photo. Then in the menu bar at the top, click VIEW > PAGE SOURCE, then use the URL you find in the page source. To confirm to you this is what can be done, I will now put a photo in the bottom of the right sidebar of the blog Business, Travel and Leisure. The picture has been made clickable. Click the picture and see where that takes you.

The URL that is used in the HTML to produce that clickable picture is exactly the URL which was described in the post on using the New Blogger to host your picture.

Peter a.k.a. enviroman
Enviroman Says