Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Testing inserting of pictures with Windows Live Writer without FTP

This test is a result of a comment from Brett who said that there are at least 4 ways and types of pictures that can be inserted with Live Writer:

1. through the taskbar which when uploaded, requires one to configure a destination to receive the pictures.

2. through the menu at the top for linking to an image already on the Internet

3. through the menu at the top you can also upload there (don't understand this one, thought I'll give it a shot later

4. hard code one in through html (looks like this will require a picture to be already on the Internet).

Now trying No. 1, via the taskbar at the right:

Below will be a screenshot of what I see in the Windows Live Writer window (I have to hardcode the screenshot using the <img> tag as earlier tests already showed that the result will probably result in a blank box. I chose Webpage URL and then input the URL of the screenshot which had already been hosted in the Web:

Update: When I first hardcoded the HTML for the screenshot, I forgot to take into consideration the width of the screenshot, and it extended into the sidebar in FireFox (and probably make the sidebar drop to the bottom of the page in Internet Explorer. I had to log into Blogger to edit this page and added the attribute width="390" into the <img> tag (width of the main column is 400px).

Summarising, to blog from Windows Live Writer which include pictures, the best is if you are blogging via FTP (which means in the New Blogger, you have to use the old classic template). Without FTP, you need to know HTML and to have the pictures already hosted on the web with the picture properly resized to fit the main column, then use the <img> tag to publish it, or if you have not resized your picture, to use the width="X" attribute to make the picture fit into the main column.

Unfortunately, I do not use FTP, so I am very limited in testing this Windows Live Writer, and writing about the various tests I am going to make will probably make very complicated reading, so I will continue my testing with another test blog, and then make a post about how to use Windows Live Writer in my main blog Blogger Tips and Tricks when I am ready.

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