Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Testing blogging from Windows Live Writer again, but this time using the WYSISYG mode

The last attempt at posting a picture from Windows Live Writer resulted in a small blank square in place of the picture. Perhaps that was because I was using the HTML Code mode. I am now going to try to publish a photo from Windows Live Writer, but using the Web Layout (WYSIWYG) mode.

I am inserting a picture here:

The result is an error message which I will add after I publish this post.  (Result: I I responded "No" to the error message, I was taken back to the editing window. Looks like I have to delete the photo first before I publish. But before that, I will show you a screenshot of what I see before I delete the picture (after I publish from Windows Live Writer):

Windows Live Writer Error Message 2

Well, looks like if you want to prepare a post with Windows Live Writer and you want to include a picture saved in your computer, you need to be using FTP to be able to do it. The alternative is to upload the photo to an extenal photo host, then use the <img> tag in the EDIT HTML mode.

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