Friday, November 10, 2006

Testing effect of saving a post as draft and publishing it later with a different title

I wanted to test something. A member at Google Blogger Help group commented that he discovered that when he save a draft with a title, and then published it with a different title, the URL for the individual post page (permalink) follows the original title of the draft. I prepared a post to be saved as draft with the title "Bullshit", but mistakenly posted it instead. See post Bullshit (click "BACK" button to get back to this post.

Instead of resaving it as draft to be published later with a new title, I decided to leave that post alone, and prepare a new post, save this post as draft with an original title "All bullshit", now publishing it later with a new title "Testing effect of saving a post as draft and publishing it later with a different title on the URL". This post actually prepared on 10 November 2006, saved as draft, and now being published. Here goes:-

Well, the new title was incorporated into the post URL:

This shows that what the member of the problem said is not correct. There URL follows the new Title.


Lee said...

This query of mine doesn't apply to your post but I thought you may be able to help me....please. I've just changed over to Beta (I think) but when I bring up my blog and click on 'comments' it tells me to go to my dashboard and that the blog I'm looking for was not found! I'm all confused. Does it take a while for Beta to work once you've changed over to it? Thanks in anticipation.

Peter said...

Unfortunately, I do not have personal experience to tell you. I almost had. One of my blogger account which just have one blog with the 2 column Minima classic template got invited to join the beta program. I then decided to do some testing. I created a new blog, then change the template to Thur's 3 column classic template and publish one post, hoping to migrate that too and see what happens. Unfortunately, the next time I log in, the invitation was no longer there.

As for your problem, perhaps you should do what Blogger hope bloggers do, then try to contact Blogger support. See post How to contact Blogger support. Read the updates. If you get an automated email response, reply to that.

Hope your problem get solved.

keda said...

oddly i saved my most recent post as a draft without a title. then i gave it a title and posted.. but its own url is not the title, it is the first line of text.

so there does still seem to be a problem.

Peter Chen said...

Well, looks like Blogger Beta is still some way from getting away from beta and is inconsistent with different results for different problems. There were so many reports of photo uploading, but I hardly have any.