Saturday, November 18, 2006

Testing "Blog This" for Blogger Beta.

A reader of my blogs asked about the "Blog This" feature for Blogger Beta, and I replied that the truth is, I have never ever used that feature before, but I am a retired scientist, and scientist like to experiment. So I have just installed the "Blog This" link Blogger blog this icon to my FireFox Link bar and found a newspaper article I would like to blog about while I was logged into the Blogger beta account. I highlighted some text, and clicked the "Blog this" link, and a pop-up opened, requiring me to sign in. I filled in my gmail address and the password (same as the one I was already logged into) and submitted it, but got the error message "User account not found". Looks like you guys who are dying to use the "Blog this" feature for Blogger Beta will just have to be patient and wait.

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Ludovic Windsor said...

Yes, keen to get that thing working.... The fix suggested here does not work:!+beta&rnum=1#94b7521e5aa0b91f