Friday, November 10, 2006


A member at Google Blogger Help group commented that he discovered that when he save a draft with a title, and then published it with a different title, the URL for the individual post page (permalink) follows the original title of the draft. This, if true, will not be good for search engine purposes as the text in the URL is important when people are searching for relevant sites. So I am going to test this to see if what he said is true. I am going to put the title as bullshit and then saving it today 11 November 2006 as a draft, and then publishing it later, with a different title "Testing saving a post as a draft, and then publishing the post later with a different title".

NOTE: I mistakenly published the post instead and have already ping the various services at So, I am going to copy the content into a new post and save it as draft with the title "All bullshit" and later republishing it as "Testing saving a post as a draft, and then publishing the post later with a different title".
This post will remain temporarily on the Web, but will be deleted later.

BTW, the URL of the individual post page (permalink) is Note that the title Bullshit was incorporated into the URL.


W O R D S said...

hi there .. gr8 work ..
i just wanted 2 ask u something .. its off topic post but i didnt know where 2 post my q :$ ..

how can i CHANGE the header picture in Blogger-Beta ??

another question .. How can i remove the title from the Header .. ??

So that i can my own photoshoped header picture with a title
thanx alot ..

Peter said...

Look at this post on how you can add a graphic to the header: Adding graphic to your Blogger beta blog. You can see the result here: Guide to Malaysia. If you like your blog to be easily found by search engines, the header text is important as it is taken as a good indication of what your blog is all about. If you really want to remove the Header text, and if you have followed the above method, you will have 2 page elements in the header, one for the graphic, and one for the Header text. Click on Edit for the Page Element for the Header text, and then click "Remove Page Element". Look at the screenshot here: Removing the Header of a Blogger Beta blog I would recommend strongly that if you do that, you add an alt="description" attribute to the <img> HTML tag for the graphic in the Header, replacing the "description" with text to indicate what your blog is all about. If this is not clear to you, please ask again