Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Testing embeding Zoho spreadsheet into beta blogs

Testing to see if Zoho spreadsheet can be embedded into Blogger Beta blogs. I am going to embed the sample Zoho spreadsheet below and see how it will display:

The original code generated for embeding the sample template was:

<iframe src='http://www.zohosheet.com/publish.do?doc_id=71787' frameborder='0' style='height:400px;width:300px' scrolling=no></iframe>

I had to change the 'height:400px; width:500px' to 'height:240px;width:300px to fit into the width of the main column.

The embedded spreadsheet is an interactive one. You can modify the data, add new data, etc. You can even save it as an Excel file. Just click on "Save as Excel" at the top of the table. Try it.

For a full description on how to embed a spreadsheet in a post, see How to add PDF files, spreadsheet, etc. to your blog. (Close new window to get back to this page)


Marc Duchesne said...

Hello Peter,
Thanks for the hint, very useful. I'm willing to embed my Twitter-ings on a Zoho Project page. Your post helped me getting started. Thanks,

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