Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Test scroll box for text and images in Blogger Beta

When I started this blog, and saw the post editor for the beta blog is be practically the same as Blogger classic (except for the Labels field at the bottom of the post editor), I had assumed everything to work the same. However, when I tested to see if I can manipulate images in the same way, I found I could not resize or reposition images in the COMPOSE mode, something which I can easily do in Blogger classic. See the following post:
Uploading and manipulating photos with Blogger
Testing manipulating images in Blogger Beta

I decided to test if scroll boxes will work for both text and images in Blogger Beta. Below is a scrollable box for text.

Bloggers frequently have more than one blogs. If the blogs are all in the same Blogger account, all of them will have the same profile. If you want to have different profiles for different blogs, this is what you must do. It would help if you have more than one browser otherwise, you will have to log in, log out, log in, etc. This will be especially true for those using Blogger Beta.

If like many, you have only Internet Explorer, I advise you to install FireFox. It is a much better browser than Internet Explorer. (you may chose to use only one browser if you want, but having 2 browsers will be more convenient). Refer to What is FireFox and why you should be using it. See also the advantages of having more than one browsers on your computer: Why you should be using more than one browser

OK, back to the topic. To get your blogs into different account:
1. Start a new Blogger Account with a different email address from your original account.
2. Open a different browser (if you want to use the same browser, you will have to sign out)
3. In the new browser, sign into your original Blogger account (Dashboard).
4. Select the blog you want to be in the new account.
5. Click the SETTINGS > MEMBERS tabs
6. Click "Add Team Member/s"
7. Enter the email address that you used for the new Blogger Account in the New User(s).
8. Go back to the previous browser. Sign into the email address referred to in no. 7
9. Look for the invitation. Accept the invitation.
10. Go back to the browser where you have the original Blogger account and the blog in which you want to be in the new account. In the MEMBERS setting, you should see a new member. Make him an administrator (be very sure of doing this).
11. Go back to the first browser and get into your new Blogger account and confirm that the blog is in your Dashboard.
12. Now that you are sure things have worked out, in your original Blogger account and the relevant blog, in the MEMBERS setting, remove yourself as a member.

Now you should have 2 blogs in two different Blogger account and you can set different profiles for the 2 blogs. And if you are using 2 different browsers, you can be logged into both at the same time.


Now, I am going to put a scrollable box for images below:

image 1 in scroll box

image 2 in scroll box

image 3 in scroll box

UPDATE: The test is successful. Scroll box works for both text and images in Blogger Beta.

UPDATE: A reader commented about some difficulties in doing the scroll box. I realised that I did not give the codes for the scroll box. I had originally done this for the Blogger classic blog and the relevant post is here: How to make a scroll box. (close new window to get back to this page)


Luigi said...

Hi Peter,
i have checked the Post Editor window looking for how scrollable boxes may be inserted ...
i did not find any clues :(

Peter said...

Hi Luigi,

I thought I had mentioned how to get the scroll box, but after reading your comment, I check the post and found that it wasn't there. Thanks to you, I will now do an update which will make this post better. Thank you for your comment.