Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Reporting difficulties in moderating comments in Blogger Beta

Today, I found something about moderating comments in Blogger Beta that I am not very happy about, and I hope that what is happening here is not happening in my classic blog. If you want to read more about how I came to chance upon it, you can read the thread Comment on a specific comment

I also have found that there are a long list of comments waiting to be moderated of which I am not aware because I did not get an email notification of it. I hope this is not the case for my classic blog. For those whose comments are involved, I apologise if the comments took some time to publish, or if they are not responded to, as it is going to be difficult for me to locate the post where the comments are made. This will be explained below.

From day one, I have been moderating all comments from email notifications. In the email notification, there are 3 choices:


Practically all the time, I click Publish, and I am taken to a new window which says the comment have been publish, and there is a link to the post where the comment was made. If the comment need a response, I click on that link and is taken to the individual post page of that post where I make my response. Sometimes there are problems. The published page takes forever to open, and often, the comment has actually been published although I can't get that page that says so. If it takes too long, I either go back to my inbox, click Publish again, or I click on the link in that email notification that will take me to the post, and I check for the newly publish comment. I then respond to it.

I have never ever tried that Moderate choice. Today, I did, because someone asked if comments can be modified/edited, and I thought that Moderate choice will allow one to do that. I said I have to test by clicking on Moderate and see what happens. It so happen that the only comment that I got an email notification was this beta blog. I clicked on Moderate, and was taken to a page with a suprisingly long list of comments waiting to be moderated, and except for the one at the top, I never get any email notification of it. Anyway, I clicked on the summary to expand the message, and decided to publish it. However, to my dismay, I find that I have no means of knowing in which post that comment was made, and I am putting off moderating the rest of the comments while I do that.

UPDATE 26 October 2006: Checked my Blogger classic blog Blogger Tips and Tricks and found that there were 51 comments waiting for me to moderate dating back to July, and not only that, there was not means for me to check which posts those comments were made on. So if anyone of you had commented on that (and this) blog, forgive me if I approved your comment late and there had been no reponse because I don't have the time to go through the posts one by one to check. So this bug occur not only for beta blogs but also classic blogs. I have notified Blogger Help and am hoping they fix this quickly. I have also made a suggestion that they give the means for blog owner who moderate in the Dashboard to include information (example, a link to the post) in which that comment was made. So my advice for those who normally moderate comments from email notifications, check it from the Dashboard once in a while.

In case anyone happen not to know how to moderate comments from the Dashboard, check this post Bug in moderating comments via email in Blogger classic as well as Blogger Beta (close new window to return to this page).

Update 8 December 2007: I click "Moderate Comments" in the Dashboard of this blog today and found a comment to be moderated, and still no information as to which post the comment was posted on. I checked my mail box. There were no email notification of that comment. I have already informed Blogger Support of these "bugs" and looks like it is still not fixed.

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