Thursday, February 04, 2010

Creating a Blog Your Readers Will Appreciate

Author: TJ Philpott

In creating a blog you also want to create an enjoyable and beneficial experience for your readers. Looking around the internet you will see that all the most popular blogs have one thing in common and that is they strive to serve their readers. The fact of the matter is if the needs of the blog reader are not met they will simply leave never to return. Without anyone to read and post comments on the site a blog will eventually lose subscribers along with its ability to attract any new visitors.

What is it then that the popular blogs do to keep their readers satisfied and maintain their appeal and ability to attract new traffic? Well there are several things no doubt that help increase the appeal of a blog but today we will focus on just the fundamentals.

Here are 3 things you can do to increase the appeal of your site making it a more enjoyable experience for every blog reader who visits.

Format for Easy Scanning

Maintain an easy to read format for the visitors to your blog. Using relevant keywords in an already descriptive headline is a good start.

As often as possible incorporate bullet points, numbering and sub headlines into the body of your post. Using a layout like this makes the content easy to scan for useful information or relative points being made. Lastly avoid using large blocks of text but instead keep paragraphs and sentences as short as possible.

Interact with Readers

One of the biggest appeals to those who frequent blogs is the ability to interact with others INCLUDING the owner of the site. When visitors post comments that require a response always try to do so. By not responding to comments directed at you the 'spirit' of community is threatened at the blog. If visitors feel like there is a lack of interaction or a reluctance to interact they may very well not return to the site.

Post Useful Content

When posting to your blog always try to include some useful information for your readers. This is one of the biggest reasons they continue to return and if you develop a consistent pattern of posting content readers have little interest in they will go elsewhere.

When any of your readers post comments look to see what they are talking about since this gives you great insight into what is of interest to them. With information like this you can make the subject the focus of your next post or perhaps even create a series of entries around the topic.

If they have questions answer them and if they present problems try to solve them but in any event let them know you are listening.

Creating a blog that readers will enjoy should be the first concern for anybody wanting to operate a successful site. By keeping the blog reader happy they are more likely to continue returning. By maintaining this steady flow of traffic at your site you will likely experience more interaction which is what everybody looks for and benefits from. The readers enjoy the increased sense of 'community' and you the owner benefit from their input and encouragement. By consciously remembering to follow the 3 simple 'guidelines' discussed here today you will not only increase reader satisfaction but also make it a more gratifying experience for yourself as well!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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offshore said...

please help :) I'm not exactly computer-savvy. I'm using blogger in draft (don't know how- a friend did it for me) and I'd like to go back to 'normal' blogger. I mean I can't upload videos from my PC or at least I don't see the way. Please, please, please could you tell me what to do (and how to do it, too) Thank you in advance if only for reading my comment.

Peter @ Enviroman said...

All you need to do is to go to

Blogger in Draft is only accessible via