Thursday, February 04, 2010

7 tips for writing blog articles

1. Write down your topic.

As soon as you think of what you want to write about, jot it down on a piece of paper. The amount of times I had thought of great content but have been in middle of something and then forgotten the topic when it came to sitting at my desk wondering what I could write about! These days I write the topic down as soon as it occurs to me even if I’m in the middle of playtime with my daughter and have to borrow a crayon to save the thought!

2. List the Main Points
When I key the title into my laptop, the key points normally follow. If I plan to write a bulleted article then I write the bulleted sub-headings, or if I plan to write an essay style post then I would write the first sentence of three to five main areas that will be discussed.

3. Your introduction
Once I have decided where the main points are headed with the beginning of each paragraph done I can write an introduction to these points. The aim here is to sell the article; to keep the reader interested enough to keep reading. The introduction should be 1 – 2 paragraphs long, basically, a few sentences that will sum up what the entire article is going to be about.

4. Expand each point to a paragraph or two
Now it’s time to work on the body of the article. Expand the key points to explain in detail what you are trying to say. It doesn’t matter what order you work at or about spelling or grammar for now, just write things down as they come to you.

5. Revise your post
Most blogging software will allow you to view your blog as the public will see it; I strongly recommend that you do this before finalising the post. You need to read your post from start to finish and make sure that the order of words and sentences you have used all make sense.

You should also be checking for spelling mistakes. There is nothing more off putting to a reader than a so called ‘educating article’ written by an illiterate!

6. Create Meta Data and Tags
Create 8 – 10 tags that directly describe your article, use the same tags as Meta Keywords. Don’t abuse the use of Meta data at risk of them being ignored by the search engines and considered as spam.

7. Publish your blog article
After revising your article again publish the post for the public to view.

In summary, I have found these 7 steps for blog article writing to be a good template to follow when I sit down to write. I hope you have found these tips just as useful!

Wishing you Success

Kelly and Andrew

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