Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Testing acne treatment as at the moment, I have nothing Blogger related topics to test

Well, the subject of this post says it all. I have a demonstration blog Beauty Tips and Tricks plus I have 3 daughters who are obviously, as grown women, are concerned about beauty related matters, plus I have a grandson plus another grandson on the way who will eventually grow to adolescence. That is when this acne problems may surface. And even grown men and women are not immune to acne problems although it may be less acute or frequent as for those of adolescence age. My son used to have acne problems, and if I remember correctly, was asking her sisters as to what to do.

Plus I have nieces, nephews and friends who are of adolescence age. So when I saw a "Real Before and After" tab in Murad Acne Complex, I immediately thought that a test might be available and I hope to take that opportunity to get any of those prepared to take a test to try that out. Unfortunately, it was all testimonies of people who have used Acne Complex Kit and I don't see any offer for testing. Anyway, I will try to contact them to see if there is any possibility of any of use getting a chance of testing and reviewing this Acne Complex Kit to treat Acne Complex.

Wish me good luck.

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