Sunday, December 23, 2007

Labels below post title above post content: Test

Got a funny request from a blogger who is using an old classic Blogger template to move the labels to above the post content just below the post title. Although since I migrated practically all my blogs over to the New Blogger templates, I have hardly looked at an old classic Blogger template and not exactly what may have changed since Blogger forced all bloggers to migrate over to New Blogger (formerly Blogger Beta) though one still have the choice of keeping or using the old classic Blogger template.

However, after the change, there are some features added to blogs using old classic templates including the ability to add Labels (more commonly known as categories). The difference is that you will not have the New Blogger easy drag and drop LAYOUT and you will not be able to add a Link List in the sidebar. There is a work around at Label List for old classic Blogger templates. However, I would not know if I will be able to find the code to display the labels at the bottom of blogs using old classic Blogger templates or not. I tried looking in Furniture Center which uses Final Sense old classic Blogger template they called "109 business blog 1". I tried looking but failed. Maybe when I have time, I will try a standard old classic Blogger template and see if I can edit the template to put the labels below the post Header.

I tried that with a blog Blogger Help Pages which uses Hackoshere 3 column New Blogger Minima template and found that I could do it. You can get instruction on how to do it at Labels below post title.

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Whizzed said...

I was under the impression Peter that one was obliged to use the new Blogger formerly called Beta, it seems I was wrong.
Maybe it is because they cannot use HTML but you can as we both know.
Personally I find the new one good