Saturday, December 22, 2007

Brochure stands to promote business blog: Test

I have recently been asked to help set up a blog to help recruit insurance agents for a sister-in-law of mine who is an insurance agency manager for a large insurance company. That is not a problem, but the big question is, how to draw traffic to the blog? There are various ways, one of which is using SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But that is a pretty time consuming task if you want to do a good job. However, once done, it is long lasting. What are the other ways? She said she is prepared to invest, which opens the possibilities of advertising. What are the alternatives?

Google AdWords

One easy way, if you are prepared to spend money, is using Google AdWords. But my sister-in-law will like to get only respondents from certain towns or region. I was told by AdWord that for my country, we can only target by country, not by region or town. However, it is possible to us a "trick", that is, using IP addresses. Problem is, I am not too familiar with IP addresses. I suspect that may be quite a task as I use ADSL with dynamic IP address, and I can see my IP address changes drastically from day to day. I will check with Contact Google AdWords Support and see if they can help me.

By the way, if you too are interested in using Google AdWords, you can apply for a Google AdWords account via the "Target your ads. Get Google AdWords" referral link at Advertising Tips and Tricks at the top of the leftmost sidebar.

Using brochures to bring regional traffic to website

brochure standSince using Google AdWords may be problematic, perhaps using brochures with information plus the URL of the website printed on the brochure may help bring the regionally targeted visitors to the website as we can choose only distribute the brochures in targeted regions.

I believe the least labor intensive way is to use brochure stands rather than go leafleting. All one need to do is to stuff the brochures into the brochure stands and place them at strategic places for people passing by to pick up the brochures. If one can spare the time and have sufficient budgets or manpower, one can stand beside the brochure stands plus get helpers to do the same at other locations to help explain what it is all about. Perhaps in our country where we cannot use regional targeting for Google AdWords, this may be the way to get the right visitors to the website.

Perhaps we should test this out and see if it is effective. I think I will discuss with my sister-in-law.

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