Sunday, December 09, 2007

Favicon for your blog: Test

Here is the photo (in .ico format) of Enviroman, meant for the Favicon for Enviroman Says but don't know if photo in ico format can be uploaded:

Update: ico format cannot be uploaded from your photo. Looks like the site

I want to test for Favicon for my environmental blog Enviroman Says cannot be used unless, I think, you host your own blog. The site only regenerate an ico format photo from your jpg gif and png formats and down download it into your computer. Attempts to upload it to both a Blogger post as well as Photobucket failed.

According to

Once you have created your favicon.ico file, you are supposed to upload it to the root directory of your website and put the following code in the header of your HTML page:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="/favicon.ico" />

Now for Blogger or the free Wordpress blogging services, you have no access to the server, which means you have no access to the root directory. I have never hosted my own blog before, though I am now attempting to use custom domains for New Blogger (to be hosted for free by Blogger), so I have no practical experience to draw from to give you accurate information.

If anyone has any experience with the above and have some useful information, please contact me at bloggerfordummies at gmail dot com, replacing at with @ and dot with . and get rid of the space, or leave a comment. If the information you give is useful for my blog readers, I will link to your site and this will increase your link popularity and PageRank, very important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization),

Test stop here.


Sim-O said...

I got a favicon for my blogger
Unfortunatley I buggered up my template and had to start again from fresh and lost all the hacks I had. I know it can be done, I will try and work out how again and let you know.

Sim-O said...

Just done it.

Save a favicon sized picture (for mine, it was a 16x16 *.png format picture) to photobucket.

Blogger won't let me post the code here, so go to here see it in place

Thanx to this guy.

Whizzed said...

I had no problem re the image, just save it and rename it jpg using ifran view, no worries with it.
On the other hand I was not aware it was not environmentally safe.
Interesting post Peter

Peter Chen said...

Hi Sim-O,

Thanks for the useful info. Regarding my promise to link to anyone who gave useful info, I have saved the URL of this post for future action and will let you know if anything positive came out of it. I don't know when I can do it cause there are lots waiting for me to do.

Hi Whizzed,

Sorry, I am puzzled by your comment. Are you saying you have no problem with the favicon described in this post or are you referring to some other images? Regarding anything being environmentally safe, I didn't anything was not environmentally safe. I only said I want to test this using my environmental blog: Enviroman Says using an environmental cartoon.

Peter Blog*Star
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Whizzed said...

Yes I may have read it wrong Peter I figured it was the image of the Benq monitor and folk had trouble uploading it sorry about that