Thursday, September 07, 2006

Testing uploading photos again.

There again has been numerous complaints about difficulties in uploading photos in Blogger Beta again, so I am going to do a second tests, again using different browsers. I am in Opera right now, and I am going to try to upload one:

Well, that was done in just a few seconds.

Now, I am in Internet Explorer. I will try to upload a picture. It said DONE, but clicking DONE reveal no photo. Same problem as before. Now, switching to FireFox.

Uploading photo in FireFox now:

Success on the first attempt.

10th September, 06. Trying again with Internet Explorer.

Well, the photo got uploaded on the first attempt. So if you have failed before, the thing is to try and try again until you succeed.

BTW the photos are at the curtesy of Tourism Malaysia. Malaysia is having a big Visit Malaysia Year in 2007 and they are having tons of things in line for tourists. Do make it a date in your calender.

Note: Photographps are copyrighted by Tourism Malaysia. You are free to use them, but you will have to get the their permission first. They can be contacted at Email:

UPDATE: There are still many reports of people having problems uploading photos. I seemedn to be the lucky one in not having much difficulties. If you are having difficulties, you may be interested that someone have tried this: in the upload photo form do a forced refresh (ctrl+F5). He said that that solved his problem. And another concurred. So it is worth a try.


Hazel said...

I use AOL and I cant upload my photos. I get the same problem as IE. It says the photo is 'done' but its just not there.

Peter said...

Maybe you should try FireFox.

This may or may not work depending on your situation, but it has helped me before and it is something simple. Change browser. If you are using IE, change to Firefox, if you are using Firefox, change to IE. You may want to get Opera as well, but I prefer Firefox (Blogger is optimized for Firefox).

If you are using only Internet Explorer, it is time to get the much better browser. To read more about Firefox (and the Google toolbar), and to download and install Firefox, go to What to do when you can't publish, upload photos, etc.

Just recently, I was trying to upload a picture using Internet Explorer, and it said DONE. But when I click DONE, I don't see the picture anywhere. I tried a few times. Same thing. I changed to Firefox. I succeeded on the first attempt. It has happened to me more than once. At other times when I tried to upload picture, it seem to take forever. Changing browser helped.
There are still many who are still using only Internet Explorer. If you are still using only Internet Explorer, it is time to get Firefox. It is way better than IE. To read more about why you should get Firefox, and also to download and install Firefox, go to What to do when you can't upload photos, etc

In fact, I have done a post on why one should be using more than one browser, including a comparison between Firefox and Opera. The post is at Why you should be using more than one browser

BTW, Blogger Employee did suggest people consider my suggestion. See thread Blogger Help Google Group, He also offered other things to try in that post.