Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Pre-post your posts

Someone mentioned that you may pre-post your posts on Blogger Beta, so I am going to test if this has been enabled in Blogger Beta. I am posting this post on 9/4/96 10:56PM. I am going to try post dating it to 9/6/06 at 1:00AM and see if this post will be delayed.

BTW you can pre-post posts on Blogger classic by doing a workaround. See post How to prepare post to be published in the future

Update: Well, looks like it didn't work. All that does is to change the time stamp to read 1:00AM but the post is published immediately. Anyone knows if there is some other way to pre-post posts in Blogger Beta, or is it just the same as Blogger classic? Anyway, the workaround should still work in Blogger Beta as I have checked the settings for email and there is a "Mail-to-Blogger Address" for posting by email.

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Angelo said...

I saw the " Blogger Beta: How to get the feed url" in your blog.

I think the feed rul in Blogger Beta is