Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Favicon for your Blogger Beta blog

After a question from someone on a forum, I decided to test out the method stated at Favicon for your Blogger blog (close new window to get back to this page) to see if it also works for Blogger Beta. Well, I did exactly as instructed in that post, and the Favicon is there now for everyone to see. The only exception will be those using IE6 who will not be able to see the Favicon.

Update 12 March 2007: The favicon can be seen in the address bar in Internet Explorer 7.

Note: The favicon is a bit faint because I have chose a bar chart (representing testing) for the favicon, and the image is mostly white except for a number of red bars.


ROBERTO said...

Hi Peter. I love your blogs and have linked to you from my Googlepages. I tried today, to ad AdSense. It went OK, but I decided to change the ad I did. Deleted the page element - OK. Then, when I went to add another, I got the old cherry; " We're sorry. We are unable to complete your request".
Have you seen this? It wrecked my first blog two months ago, and won't go away. Help?
Roberto (Bob)

Peter said...

Hi Roberto,

Glad to see you are nicely settled in Thailand and enjoying yourself. Regarding Googlepages, I am afraid I have no experiences with Googlepages and am unable to help, but I see you have already set up a few links there on your page.