Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Lengthen Blogger Post Editor Window with Netscape Navigator

Update 2.43am 19 April 2008: Please note that the ability to lengthen the normal pathetically tiny Blogger post editor window is not always repeatable. Sometimes, I can do it, sometimes not. I have seen it a few times but this is the first time I made a post about it with a screen shot and that screen shot is definitely not faked with Adobe Photoshop for this poor Blog*Star only use the free and very good Irfanview plus PC Paint which comes with Windows. This poor Blog*Star cannot afford to buy the expensive Photoshop. Anyone who wants something better than the free Irfanview photo editor can try the open source GIMP. Update posted here to avoid Blog*Star from being called a nut case.

A blogger complained the Blogger Post Editor Window is too small, and I responded that with some browser, couldn't remember which one, I could hover the cursor (mouse) over the bottom of the post editor and pull it down to make it longer. I posted my response and said I will test. I started testing in 6 browsers - Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.131C, FireFox 2.0, Netscape Navigator, Flock 1.0.8, Opera 9.25, and Avant 11.5. I couldn't expand the post editor window in all browsers. I had to report failure and that I probably was so obsessed with blogging I even blog while sleeping.

However, I started preparing a post with Netscape one day and found I could do it. You can see a screenshot of this post as I am preparing this post:
Blogger post editor window original
Now see how the Blogger post editor window was expanded (elongated) in the screenshot below:
Blogger post editor window expanded (elongated)
Note that the post editor window is its normal self. Now look at the screenshot below which I saved the other day when I was able to expand (elongate) the post editor window, Note that the cursor had changed from the normal "blank white slanted arrow" cursor to a vertical double arrow head cursor (highlighted by a red ellipse plus a red arrow pointing at it. That was in the first tab of the Netscape browser. I opened another tab in Netscape browser and found that it wasn't possible with that tab.

Today, I am now preparing this post using the Netscape browser and I just could not repeat what I did the other day. I am hoping that visitors to this post will test it in various browsers and report how they fare by leaving a comment. Thanks.


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