Thursday, August 02, 2007

Testing "job wanted" ad for bloggers

Found out about this site jobs in Edinburgh. Well, I am not an Edinburgh resident, but in this world of Internet, we are world citizens (or residents). Plus people from US and as far away as Argentina have offered me payment for doing work for them (and it was done successfully, all via the Internet. No need to travel to US or Argentina). So I supposed there is no harm in my trying to post a "job wanted" ad for after all, it is free. And now I found out it will be online for 30 days. You can view my test ad at Consultation on Google Blogger, AdSense and others. Well it may be a test blog, but if an offer came along by any chance, and it is within my capacity, I am not going to turn it down. I will have to make a note to edit it before the end of 30 days so as to keep that "job wanted" ad online. If you get a dead link, it means my memory is failing, but me being the hopeful type, I will try my best to keep that link live for it may bring me an opportunity. Plus I wouldn't want the search engine to find a dead link on my blog.

In any case, Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and according to Wikipedia, has a temperate maritime climate, which is relatively mild. Plus attempts have been made to make Edinburgh more "cycle friendly", particularly by Spokes, the Lothian cycle campaign. Plus I have been told there is Park and Ride, with two new park and ride sites opened in 2005 at Ingliston and Riccarton on the western outskirts of the city, in addition to facilities in Fife and Newcraighall. I like that. It is more environmentally friendly and cycling will be much more pleasant there than here in tropical Asia. Who knows, I might even get an actual job offer to work in Edinburgh!

And if by any miracle, I really do get a job offer from Edinburgh and have to relocate, getting accommodation should be no problem, for there is Flat/House Share.

I have found that Gumtree have more to offer than just free "job wanted" ads in Edinburgh. They have similar sites for other cities in England, Ireland, Wales, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and well, of all places, Asia too. But I think I will stick to Edinburgh. It sounds more attractive.

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