Friday, August 03, 2007

Testin Poll widget which is just out of beta (Blogger in Draft)

Recently, there were a lot of requests for help and reports of poll not working, etc. So I decided to test it at Good Health Information. The poll is right at the bottom of the left sidebar (position may change as I add/subtract/move Page Elements). The poll is working fine. You can try it yourself. BTW I did it using the Flock browser, not my preferred browser FireFox (also recommended by Blogger), but it has been working OK so far except I can't have my useful Google toolbar with it.

However, some bloggers seem to have genuine problem with Poll, and in fact one reader of Blogger Error Messages requested for help with this particular problem. You can read my response to him in the above post or refer to Problem with Poll widget which is just out of beta (Blogger in Draft).

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