Friday, June 22, 2007

Testing ClickComments

Came across this site that describe a common problem for blogs - reluctance of visitors to leave a comment and offer a kind of solution to it. Some of the reasons are they don't like to give their email address, they are too lazy to type a sentence or two (or even a word or two), etc. What they offer is to enable the visitor to just click from a choice of icons to express what is their feeling or opinion of the post.

ClickComments enable you in just a few steps to install a row of icons that your blog visitors can click to express what they feel or think about the post. This row of clickable icons will show above and in addition to your normal Blogger comment. To see an example, surf over to Good Health Information. You will see the row of clickable icons at the bottom of the post, above the normal Blogger comment. Hover your mouse over an icon and a "pop-up" will tell you what the icon is for, and if that express your feeling or opinion, click on it and the number below the icon will increase by one.

In addition to allowing your visitors to sort of "vote" for your post, you may also get extra traffic as your blog will appear in the list of blogs in the "Showcase" in ClickComment's site.

Getting ClickComment is easy. You don't even need to sign up. All you need to do is to give your blog URL, select a category and the language, provide your email address (optional).


I am wondering what exactly is the purpose of providing your blog URL because if you happened to be signed into your Blogger account, when you click "Get ClickComments", you will be taken to the Blogger page where you will again have to select your blog, which seem to me that you can chose a blog different from the blog URL you provided earlier.

ClickComments Blogger page


Russellji said...


You have helped me out before. I am trying "Clickable Comments", but my true reason for contacting you is to ask if it is possible to have a "Recent Comments" widget, on the side column, showing comments to recent posts.

I have seen this here -, but it is not a blog.

I am traveling and using a host computer so could not email you. Could you please reply here or comment on my blog -

Thanking you in anticipation.


Peter Chen said...

Hi Russellji,

Have a look at Recent comments widget creator.

Peter (Blog*Star 2006 and 2007)
Blogger Tips and Tricks

Hans said...


This is Hans from PostReach. We ask for the URL so we can show your content on the showcase so we can drive you more traffic. I hope you like traffic :) Having your URL also lets us keep track of things and to make sure things are showing up on your blog correctly.


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