Thursday, June 28, 2007

Testing another way of avoiding large white space above tables in Blogger

I have previously posted about How to avoid large white space above tables in Blogger.

Got some information from one of my blog reader about another way to do it, so will test it here to see if it works:

First table

This is the first table I am using for the test. The "data" in the table are actually hyperlinks.

My First Blogger blogMy Second Blogger blogMy Third Blogger blog testing
Blogger for DummiesBlogger Tips and TricksDummies Guide to Google Blogger

Second table

Heading 1Heading 2Heading 3
row 1 col 1row 1 col 2row 1 col 3
row 2 col 1row 2 col 2row 2 col 3

Update: As you can see, there are not large white space above the table.

For instructions how to do this, see Avoiding large spaces above tables in Blogger posts Part 2


Peter McCartney said...

From Peter 2
From what I see here I could put my picture buttons with links in, instead of the text links you have.
Is that correct?

Peter Chen said...

Hi Peter,

You are perfectly correct. You probably already knows how to do it, but just in case, this post How to display images side by side. Can't remember tho whether I showed plain images or images as hyperlinks.

Another Peter (Blog*Star 2006 and 2007)
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Timothy said...

Thanks! I just discovered the table space problem and your solution. Works great. Thanks for documenting this for the community.

Nigel Herbert Walker Horsefeathers said...

Worked a little bit...that is, there was less white space at first. Then, when I went back, the code had been altered and the white space was back. At least you are addressing the issue and getting ideas out there! Blogger help is doesn't even address the problem in a serious way. Tables were the first thing I learned to do in HTML so one would expect them to be handled flawlessly. Thanks for your research.