Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Blogger vs Wordpress Comparison

Template editing Yes CSS editing is a paid upgrade. Very limited
Visitor stats Built-in. Can also add script for third party visitor counter such as Google Analytics and Statcounter Built in stats shows only 2 days of stats plus daily, weekly and monthly charts
Export blog Yes Yes
Import blog Can only import blogspot (Blogger.com) blog Import from many blogging services
Image storage 1 Gigabyte. Paid upgrade for higher storage 3 Gigabyte. Paid upgrade for higher storage
Uploads Only for image and video Can upload .ppt .doc .odt .pdf (paid upgrade for other file formats upload)
Static pages Maximum 10 No limit
Expandable post summary Yes, Yes
Reply to individual comment No Yes
Blog team members Administrator and non-administrator only Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor

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