Saturday, October 02, 2010

Test adding caption for photo aligned left or right

Damansara Uptown 1 tower with Multi-national companies as tenants, now lets try to make this caption very very long and see what happens.
Damansara Uptown Multistorey Carpark
This photo first uploaded using Blogger updated post editor in COMPOSE mode, then clicked on photo in post editor to chose align-left then add caption.

Damansara Uptown Multi-storey Carpark parking rates, lets try making this caption very long and see what Blogger does. Now try uploading photo with cursor (insertion point) here: 
Now to try uploading second photo using direct insertion at actual location :

Result, Photo of Uptown 1 plaque listing Multi-national companies as tenants did not end up here but ended up at the top of the post instead.

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