Thursday, April 29, 2010

Test embedding in an iFrame

A Blogger says embedding in an iFrame give rise to problems when viewed with IE7 or IE8 (see How to embed a webpage in a blog post with iFrame

IMPORTANT NOTE: I will be writing to to see if they object of having their website embedded here in an iFrame or not as there may be copyright issues. So do not be surprised to see the site below either removed or replaced by another website which is my own and which does not involve copyright issues. The result of the test will be given below the 2 iFrames after publishing

Using URL

Using URL

RESULT: I did test viewing the above with IE8 after publishing and as mentioned by the blogger, that website for some reason (probably something to do with Adobe Flash), was not displayed properly. I append below a screenshot as if object, the above will be edited to embed other webpage that probably will be my own:

testing embedding in iFrame and viewing with IE8

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