Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Testing Shockwave Flash option for Photobucket

Testing Flash option for free Photobucket image host image hosting. Let us see what we get below:

This is how the above Flash was embedded into this post. First create a free Photobucket image host account, upload and this may be what you see:

Photobucket saved image options

Click the option SHARE and you will be presented with a pop-up as follows:

Photobucket share options

All you need to do is to click the GET LINK CODE tab whereupon you will get 7 options of which the last is FLASH FOR WEBSITES AND BLOGS. Click inside the box for the FLASH option to copy the codes into clipboard, go to Blogger post editor and paste the Flash codes into the post editor window and publish.


John Tan said...

I can see the flash. I would like to do it for my website. If you can just leave the answer in the comment and i will come and see it again

Patriot said...

Hi John,

Mind telling me what you saw. For me, I can only see a static picture. Did you see the man jump into the sea?

If you want to know how I embedded that into the post, refer to this post, ie., Testing Shockwave Flash option for Photobucket which I have updated with the instructions.

BTW how did you find this post?

John Tan said...

I can see it bult only after leaving the page loading for a few minutes. Man it sure is long.

John Tan said...


This is the file and this is the website.


I will try it and then report back.

By the way the google search was "flash on blogger"