Saturday, November 15, 2008

Testing custom domain permalinks before conversion to custom domain

One of the worries that prevented me from using custom domain for my more active blog is that permalinks (individual post URLs) may become dead links. So before I converted my less active blog custom domain, I saved all the permalinks before conversion to custom domain.

I tested clicking on those permalinks. I was expecting either of 2 results:
  1. permalinks become dead links

  2. permalinks lead to new custom domain permalinks

What I got was a surprise, neither of the above. Clicking on the permalinks led to the old permalinks (individual post page URL) prior to conversion. The only clue that there is something strange is a little message at the task bar "Done but with errors on page":

error message for permalink

I will check them later to see if the situation changes. Update: All pre-custom domain permalinks lead to the new custom domain permalinks seemlessly


Lavanya said...

hai sir,
i am lavanya..
i want add gadgets on both your blog
can u guide me how to create like that


Peter said...

Use a 4 column template

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