Sunday, August 03, 2008

Testing Youtube Video "No longer available"

Testing Youtube widespread problem, error message:

"This video is no longer available".

Now it is not that this video uploaded to Youtube had broken Youtube's TOS (Terms of Service) or infringed some one's copyright. There are widespread report of users of Youtube seeing the misleading "We're sorry, this video is no longer available". We are embedding this video here and will check later to see if the problem still persist or to check if other surfers also faced the same problem in viewing the video.

Please leave your comments.

UPDATE 4.00pm Sunday 10 August 2008: The above video is not viewable because the video is more than 10 minutes. Other videos may occasionally display the same error messages. This can be solved by clearing cache and cookies. You can view 2 videos at Low impact, muscle strengthening aerobic exercise which had also initially displayed the "This video is no longer available" error message, but which was viewable after clearing cache and cookies.


Hvnly777 said...

Yes, I am seeing the error message: "SORRY VIDEO NO LONGER AVAIABLE."

This is the same error message I'm seeing on ALL my custom video players that I have embedded on MySpace!

What is going on???????

Michel Merlin said...

The frame presents the video still image, so it seems to exist, it is only after I click "Play" that the frame turns entirely black with at the top in small white print, the message "We're sorry, this video is no longer available."

Versailles, Sat 16 Aug 2008 18:26:40 +0200

gassyoldman said...

Video will not play. cleared cookies and caches, as recomended by YT. Video still won't play :-(

This seems to be due to too many videos being streamed from too many servers using too many ISP addresses, or something like that :-)

The presence of the opening picture is not proof that there IS a video. I have a video on my YT channel, and I know for a fact that it has been deleted and will give the same message, but the opening picture is still there. I left it up because I like the picture.