Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Display HTML tags in COMPOSE mode: Test

I have published a post on how you can display HTML tags in posts and comments using special codes at Display HTML tags in posts and comments.

As a result of a tip from a blog reader, I am testing to see if the HTML tags can be made to display by typing the actual HTML without using special codes in posts using the COMPOSE mode. If you see the HTML tag for a hyperlink rather than the actual hyperlink, it means this test is successful"

Blogger Tips and tricks

Conclusion: test failed as you can see the hyperlink HTML tag became an actual link. You can test that by clicking on the above link and see what happens. That isn't suppose to happen. If the test had been successful, what you should see above is

<a href="URL">anchor text</a>

where the actual URL of the target site has been replaced by just URL and the "Blogger Tricks and Tips" had been replaced by anchor text (which is the actual name given to such text) as I am afraid the HTML tag may become too long and extend into the sidebar, causing problems.


Dman said...

No, I meant to say you can you the codes in compose mode... I just put that cause you had that big red block of text saying it needed to be in HTML editor mode not compose mode. You still use (I'm doing this in spaces) & l t ; and stuff. All I meant was it works in both modes. Sorry for the trouble.

Peter Chen said...

Hi dman,

Thanks for the clarification. I practically never use the COMPOSE mode because I often use special codes to display HTML tags in my posts and if I ever switch to COMPOSE mode when editing one of these posts, the special codes used display teh HTML tags that is supposed to show my readers how to type their HTML tags become changed to actual HTML tags and I will have to do it all over again.

Anyway yours is still an informative tip for me, and as a retired scientist, I like to test all kind of things to make sure I know what I am talking about. So I will do that when I get the time, but this looks like a low priority task, and I believe you use COMPOSE mode and you should also know what you are talking about.

Peter (Blog*Star)
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Jas said...

You have added the add this bookmark widget to come after every post; how to do that? My XML breaks when i place the widget code after (data:post.body) in blog template.

Peter Chen said...

Hi jas,

I am afraid I am pressed for time and don't know if this response is going to help you as I have no time to check my old posts.

New Blogger is extremely fussy and we get "cannot be parsed" errors very often, and most time we do not know what caused the problem, even if we seem confident we are doing the same thing. Having said that I have to refer you to the following posts:

Easy social bookmarking using "Add This"

Easy social bookmarking using "Add to Any"

Will appreciate feedback if that helped or not.

Peter Blog*Star
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Dave J. said...

Hi All
Please Help
When I select a picture to upload with blogspot instead of a preview and adding text I seem to have lostcompose and html tabs above where the picture should be and is displaying in html I then have to put text und the html, if there any way of rectifying this ?
Kind regards to all,
Dave Jordan

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