Thursday, May 17, 2007

Testing New Blogger autosave

According to Blogger Buzz, New Blogger now autosave your post in case your computer crash, etc. Here are extracts from their post:

"Today we're adding autosaving of draft posts to the Blogger post editor. Now you don't have to feel so bad about browser crashes, random laptop restarts, or that hamster vs. gerbil war going on behind your desk that keeps knocking your power cord out of the socket, because Blogger is automatically saving as you type! It's doing it to me right now. Even if I..."

"the page will periodically send a copy of the text, title, labels, etc. to our servers. We do this about once a minute, unless you type a lot, in which case we'll save as soon as you stop typing,"

I am going to leave this post editor window, open a new tab to view the Dashboard without leaving this post editor window (if you use Internet Explorer 6, there is no tabbed browsing and my strong suggestion to you to to install FireFox. It is much more superior than Internet Explorer 6. You can read more about FireFox at What is FireFox and why you should be using it. Statistics says the majority of surfers uses Internet Explorer. For them, I strongly suggest they get Firefox. You can download and install Firefox by clicking "Browse the web faster. Get Firefox with the Google toolbar" text link at the top of the right sidebar of my blogs. It is only recently that Microsoft is trying to catch up with Firefox by introducing Internet Explorer 7, which now has tabbed browsing. In any case, I find having more than one browser so useful that I have 4 browsers in my computer - FireFox (my favorite), Internet Explorer, Opera and Flock. If want to know the advantages of having more than 1 browser, surf over to Why you should be using more than 1 browser,

OK, I don't know how many minutes have elapsed since I started typing this post. I haven't published the post yet. I opened a new tab by right-clicking "Edit Posts" and selecting "Open link in new tab" and here is the screenshot of part of the Dashboard (click on screenshot to enlarge):

New Blogger autosave

As you can see, even though I haven't published this post yet, you can see this post saved as a draft (automatically, I didn't do anything). Now I am going to publish this post. (The only problem is, I am trying to add the label "testing" by showing all the labels, but Blogger display a message "Now Blogger saves your drafts automatically and it hides that label because it is at the bottom of the list of labels. I have to type the label manuallly. I wonder how long Blogger will continue to display that message and hide part of the label list.

Update 20 May 2007: When Blogger implemented autosave, it caused a number of problems, among which are

- Publishing problems in Safari (The Save Now, Preview and Add Image
buttons don't respond)
- Comments get disabled (thanks for that info - is this strictly
related to the autosave feature?)
- Possible publishing problems and comment link problems when you use
the back button in the post editor

I have been informed that Blogger is aware of the problem and is working on it. So just be patient if you are having any problems with comments, etc.

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Southern Beale said...

Well, since Blogger started this "auto save" nonsense, I have been unable to post or save anything. It's like Blogger is still asleep.

So count me unimpressed. And no, I'm not in freaking Singapore.