Friday, April 06, 2007

Testing Hackosphere peekaboo expandable post summary

There is an easy to implement expandable post summary at Expandable Post Summary for New Blogger. The advantage of this is, it is easy to implement. The disadvantage - there will be a "Read More" link at the bottom of a short post even if you have no further content beyound what is in the post summary. I partly overcome this by putting an END OF POST at the end of a short post.

If you are still not satisfied with this, you can try to implement Hackoshpere's expandable post summary with peekaboo view. It is a bit harder to implement, but it has been done for this blog: Anything Chinese. You will see the "Read More" link at the bottom of the long posts in the main page, but I purposely wrote a short post Why the emphasis on things Chinese?. If you visit the homepage now, you will see that the other posts have "Read More" links at the bottom of the post but not for Why the emphasis on things Chinese?. "Read More" links will only be seen in long posts in the homepage, but not in individual post pages.

As more articles are published in this blog Anything Chinese, the short post without "Read More" link will disappear from the homepage, and what I am trying to show will disappear, so to make a permanent record of the homepage as it is now, I will post screenshots of the homepage below, with the "Read More" links circled in red to show it more clearly. You will see in the screenshots there is no "Read More" (remarks in green) link in the short post with the title "Why the emphasis on things Chinese" (click on screenshots to enlarge).

Anything Chinese 1Anything Chinese 2Anything Chinese 3Anything Chinese 4Anything Chinese 5


Elsie said...

Hi Peter
I had the peekaboo expandable post summary on my recipe blog and it really worked well, but then one of my regular visitors who uses Internet Explorer told me that the sidebar as well as all the posts except the latest four has disappeared. I use Firefox to view all my posts and was not aware of this problem so I viewed the blog in Explorer and saw the same.
After I deleted the hack, everything showed up again in Explorer.
I have not put it back again, because it is in a way rather tricky to insert the codes in the correct places, but I will give it another try soon.

visithra said...


is there a way to put in the code without displaying using the feed - full post option

i want my feeds to be short - so any suggestions?

Peter Chen said...

Hi Visithra,

The blog I used to demonstrate this Anything Chinese had its feed set to full. I reset it to short just to test the effect, and the peekaboo expandable post summary (ON THE MAIN PAGE) still works. I double-checked the feed again and confirmed that the feed had been set to short.

Peter (Blog*Star)
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visithra said...

thanks peter will try it out

Peter said...

A comment with an URL to a site describing expandable post summary had to be deleted because the URL was given as an inactive link (a long unbroken line of an URL) which extend into the sidebar and likely to cause problems in Internet Explorer 6. To post active (clickable) links, pleae don't link to sites which are tivial or not related. For making active (clickable), refer to Make clickable (active) links in posts and comments

Peter Blog*Star
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