Sunday, December 17, 2006

Photo of traditional kite flying in Kelantan, Malaysia

Traditional Malay Kite Flying

Reason for uploading this photo via Blogger photo upload icon, Phydeaux3 reported when uploading photos via Blogger, Beta IP and Image Hosting Changes (close new window/tab to get back to this page). I just wanted to test if it is so.

Another reason - doing my bit for my country. 2007 is Visit Malaysia Year and hoping to promote tourism to Malaysia via this photo of a Malay dressed in traditional garb flying a traditional kite in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The photo is copyrighted by Tourism Malaysia, but is free to use to promote Malaysia. Lots of programs are being and have been planned for the enjoyment of visitors. You can view the programs and also other aspects of Malaysia at Guide to Malaysia (close new window/tab to get back to this page).

Traditionally, photos uploaded via Blogger are hosted at
Sure enough, as reported by Phydeaux3, the photo above is now hosted at

If you want the actual URL of the above photo, click on it and you can get the URL from the address bar in the resulting webpage or hover your mouse over the photo and observe the URL in the taskbar or in a "pop-up", depending on your browser.

Update 28 February 2007: Previously, the photo stay on the web even if you delete the post or the photo. Now, when you delete the photo or the post, the photo is deleted from the web. This may be good news for those who post a lot of photos and are worried about exceeding the 300MB limit. Another change in New Blogger. Previously, if you delete the photo or the post containing the photo, the photo remains on the web. Now, if you delete either, your photo is also deleted from the web. See post Uploading photos and deleting posts in New Blogger (formerly Blogger Beta).

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reading_is_dangerous said...

I love kites :) and I see this one has a nice singing bow.

but I was looking for a way to have the comment box showing on the main page on my blog, along with any and all previously posted comments, if that's possible. Searching for information is difficult -- it's like entering a maze. If you can help, please drop me a line // a comment maybe, on my blog. :)

thank you